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Our Certification


- Diamond Level (Enviro–Mark®NZ)
In May 2007 NES joined EnviroSmart programme. The programme was a council initiative focused on improving the environmental performance and resource efficiency of businesses throughout New Zealand. Since that time we committed to constant improvements. To decrease waste output where possible we created Environmental Management Program (EMP) where every year we set our goals and the ways we can recycle efficiently. 
At NES we expect our staff and contractors to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: cardboard, copy paper, plastic, aluminium and glass bottles, cans, tins, empty aerosol cans, polystyrene, used ink cartridges & toners, batteries, old computer, monitors, printers  and accessories, oil, scrap steel and wire off cuts, fluorescent tubes and lamps, plastic TPS cable and Migwire drums. 
We encourage our staff to use electronic forms of communication and filing where possible to reduce consumption of paper.
We have effective procedures in place to deal with waste and circulate information to help with waste management.
We try to make waste management as simple as possible to maintain effectiveness. 
In January 2014 we had our annual audit by Enviro-Mark. We kept our Diamond (highest) Level of accreditation. You can view PDF copy of it

Network Electrical Servicing Ltd

Client Testimonials: "They’ve fixed my lights and I found them efficient and affordable. I’ll be using them in the future." Nicky Laird, Invercargill


Health and Safety

- Tertiary Level (ACC)

Since May 2006 NES registered with ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) programme. Since that time we are constantly improving our performance and systems. In March 2014 we’ve been audited again by ACC. The auditor was impressed with our achievements. We kept our Tertiary Level!

You can view PDF copy of our current Tertiary Level Certificate  

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  • - Q-Safe Code: 2005 (Telarc SAI)
Since July 1998 NES has been certified by Telarc SAI Limited, New Zealand’s most recognised and longest established certification body. To maintain customer confidence in our effectiveness, Telarc regularly reviews NES management system for compliance to standards.

NES has an effective management system in place, certified to Q-Safe Code: 2005. This is integrated Quality and Health & Safety Management System. It demonstrates NES commitment to quality, productivity customer satisfaction and safety. Our customers can be confident in our ability to deliver services that consistently meet their requirements.
  • - Master Electricians (ECANZ)
In June 2011 NES became a member of the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand Inc (ECANZ). NES was awarded with ‘Master Electrician’ membership category under the official seal of the Association.

You can view PDF copy of our Quality Policy and certificates: Q-safe Code: 2005, ECANZ and Master Electricians