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Network Electrical Servicing Ltd
Company Plant Resources:
  • Crane Trucks
  • Bucket Trucks (EPV's)
  • Hole boring Augers
  • Specialist power line equipment
  • Assorted test gear
  • Welders, presses, folders etc
  • Lathe and machinery tools

Client Testimonials: 'Network Electrical Servicing have over the past 3 years provided major services to the Invercargill Repertory Society.

These include the complete replacement of our Switchboard and rewiring of the three phase mains to the new switchboard, the installation of a sub board to control non Theatre power requirements and the relocation of our Patch Panel which controls some 70 stage lights (1KW each) and this year the restructure of the lighting and plugs for the redevelopment of the Entrance Foyer and bar.
In all cases the work was done in a professional manner with fill consultation with the Repertory Society Representative and within budget. The final invoicing was complete and detailed all additions and savings.

The electricians were both helpful and pleasant to deal with.
Our special Thanks to Ross Gibbs the manager for his assistance.'

James Horn, Invercargill


Services we offer:

Thermal Camera Imaging Inspection

A Thermal Camera Imaging Inspection can reveal electrical and mechanical problems and prevent costly failures and down time. Please see below one of many Thermal Camera Imaging Inspections performed by NES staff. See photos below.

Task: To check overheating of 200 HP Pump.
Location: Branxhome water treatment.
Challenges: To check temperatures of the motors to find out how much temperatures have risen since the last thermal survey
How it was done: The old thermal images of the motors were compared with the new ones. It revealed that connection box on a motor was running much hotter. The bad connection in the motor was found

Equipment used: Thermal Camera - FLIR I40.

Network Electrical Servicing Ltd
Network Electrical Servicing Ltd
Network Electrical Servicing Ltd

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Services List
  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Power line and Subdivision Installation
  • 400V and 11kV Cable Specialists
  • Water/Sewage Pump Engineering
  • Electrical Inspection Services
  • Specialist Indoor/Outdoor lighting installations
  • Thermal Camera Imaging Inspection
  • Cable Location.
  • Power Supplies for Lifestyle Blocks.
  • Temporary power supplies for shows and events
  • Appliance Safe Test Inspection
  • Variable speed drive and soft starter installation and maintenance
  • PLC installation and maintenance
  • Diesel and battery standby Power systems
  • 24 hour availability
  • Inspecting
  • Solar Power
  • YHI Battery Supply