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NES Embraces Future with Solar-Wind Energy Integration

A greener future. Wind and solar energy.

At Network Electrical Services (NES), we're thrilled to introduce our latest leap towards a greener future. Our groundbreaking project, which combines the forces of solar and wind energy, marks a significant stride in our journey towards sustainable energy solutions. Operating across Southland, Central Otago and Dunedin, we're bringing innovation right to your doorstep.

Innovative Hybrid System

Nestled at our Invercargill office, we've created a pioneering 5kW hybrid system. This setup uniquely blends a 3kW vertical axis wind turbine with solar panels, creating a synergy that's not just efficient but also eco-conscious. Our wind turbine stands out for its quiet operation and bird-friendly design, making it a perfect match for our solar initiatives.

This venture is a testament to the power of partnership. Teaming up with GM Design, we've laid a solid foundation for our turbine. Our collaboration with the Electrical Motor Vehicle Company has brought a high-tech battery component into the mix, enhancing the system's efficiency and reliability.

Designed with dairy farmers and commercial enterprises in mind, this system is a beacon for those seeking to embrace renewable energy. Its adaptability makes it ideal for the vast landscapes of rural and commercial settings.

A Journey of Learning and Growth

Launched in January 2024, this project was more than an installation; it was a journey filled with valuable lessons, especially in tackling the challenges of turbine foundation. "We're doers at heart," says Hoani Cooper, General Manager of NES Southland. "We focus on crafting real-world solutions that make a difference."

With the potential to match a 10kW solar array's return and the advantage of generating power beyond daylight hours, we're keenly observing this system's performance. It's a guiding light for our future projects, especially those aimed at empowering businesses with renewable energy.

Our innovative spirit caught the eye of Great South, helping us secure a Research & Development incentive. Dale Booth from Great South played a pivotal role in this achievement, connecting us with the resources needed to foster our sustainable R&D efforts.

We're excited to bring this technology to life at the Waimumu Field Days from 14th to 16th February. Visit us at site 238.5 to see this marvel in action and explore how it can be tailored to your needs. And while you're there, enjoy a Fat Bastards pie on us and dive deeper into our renewable energy vision.