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Our services


We specialise in providing efficient and reliable power distribution solutions for subdivisions, ensuring each property receives the electricity it needs.

Street lighting

Our skilled technicians handle the installation and maintenance of street lights, ensuring well-lit streets and public spaces for enhanced safety and visibility.

Network power

We deliver robust and reliable network power solutions, keeping businesses and industries connected and powered for uninterrupted operations.

High voltage specialists

Our experienced team of high voltage specialists ensures the safe and efficient transmission of electricity at high voltage levels, adhering to safety standards.

Solar & wind renewable energy

Embrace clean and sustainable energy solutions with our expert installation services for solar and wind power systems, reducing your carbon footprint and lowering energy costs.

Domestic & commercial fitouts

From residential homes to commercial spaces, we provide comprehensive electrical fitout services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring efficient and safe electrical installations.


Our dedicated maintenance services cover all aspects of electrical systems, offering routine inspections, repairs, and upgrades to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Thermal imaging

Utilising advanced thermal imaging technology, we detect potential electrical issues, identify faults, and offer proactive maintenance solutions to prevent system failures.

EV charger installation

Stay ahead of the electric vehicle revolution with our professional EV charger installation services, providing convenient and accessible charging solutions for your electric vehicles.

Airside electrical services

Our AIC Certified staff carry out maintenance work for both Invercargill Airport Limited and Airways NZ which includes runway and apron lighting, plane guidance lighting, generators, cabling and maintaining the hangers.

Smart city devices

We have a small team established to install a variety of IOT devices that operate across our own LoRaWAN network.

We believe that no challenge can stop us from delivering fair power and electrical choices to our clients. 

Road Traffic Management

Road Traffic Management is a dedicated division of NES Invercargill, offering comprehensive support and expertise for your projects from start to finish. Our primary focus is to create a safe worksite environment for both our staff and motorists, ensuring smooth traffic flow and enhanced safety throughout the duration of the project.